School of the Year Award

Frog Street once again invites you to submit nominations for the School of the Year Award! Share with us how Frog Street has positively touched the lives of your administrators, teachers, students and parents. We want to hear your story!

The nomination form includes questions such as: What three words best describe this school? How long has this school been a part of the community? In what ways has this school positively affected the lives of children in this community?

Please attach pictures and/or videos of your classrooms, Frog Street activities, and your school! You may also attach letters from parents. Videos/photos may be shown during the Splash Awards Dinner!

Download and complete the “fillable” form below to nominate your school!  Once you have completed the form, either save the document and send via email to:; or print out the form and mail to: Frog Street, Attn: Mindy Tyndall, 530 S. Nolen Drive, Southlake, TX  76092.

Nominations must be submitted by June 1, 2018.