Splash 2021

Splash 2021 Speaker:
Sheryl Brown

Session Title:

Behavior Management Made Fun and Easy

This session will focus on behavior management techniques that flow with any curriculum. Shawn and Sheryl will share how using music and engaging techniques help maintain order in a classroom setting. They will also cover instructional learning formats that keep the children interested while challenging their higher order thinking skills.

Sheryl’s Bio:
Sheryl is a motivational speaker and professional trainer for early-middle childhood development. She is the author of several books and wrote Nurturing and Developing Social Emotional Skills with New Millennium Music, a training course offered by Role Model Productions, Inc. Sheryl and her husband, Shawn are owners of Role Model Productions (a.k.a. The Super Fun Show) and travel across the globe empowering teachers and parents. She believes learning is an unending process and has continued this process with a great deal of specialty training across the country.