Early Steps for Reading Success
fluency ▪ comprehension ▪ vocabulary ▪ phonics ▪ sight words

Read2Win is a first grade reading program designed to build a strong early reading foundation using engaging decodable stories and fun sight word sentence puzzles.

Lessons follow a carefully crafted scope and sequence to teach and reinforce short vowels, long vowels, vowel teams, digraphs, inflectional endings, compound words, over 150 high-frequency words, and more!

Perfect for one-on-one and small-group instruction:

· Guided Reading Groups
· After-School Programs
· Classroom Reading Helpers
· Volunteer Reading Programs
· Intervention
Product Overview

Complete Program Includes: 

· Instruction Guide
· 28 double-sided Story Mats
· 28 double-sided Sight Word Mats
· Sound Dictionary Mats
· Reading Strategies Mat
· Lesson Tracker
· Skills Assessment
· Award Certificate
· Comprehension Cards
· Writing Template
· PowerPoint Training Presentation