Splash 2021

Splash 2021 Speaker:
Mary Jo Huff

Session Title:

Puppets Connect With Children’s Imagination –Meet the Peepers and Fanny’s Friends

Puppets connect with a child’s imagination. Join Mary Jo as she shows participant show to create and manipulate a class mascot. Connect a puppet to current books, songs, and role play for children. Encourage creative play and discovery with a Peeper puppet. Fanny and friends will show you how puppets motivate a child to participate in activities. Puppets are powerful in person or virtually.

Mary Jo’s Bio:
Mary Jo is an author, storyteller, and puppeteer. She is an Early Childhood teaching artist and in 2020,Creative Child Magazine chose Puppet Play, a book of the year ;Peeper Puppets, a toy of the year; and Snap, Clap, Wiggle, and Giggle, a CD of the year.