Jody Martin
Aurora, CO

Jody Martin has a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Child Development and over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience in the early childhood field. She taught preschool, directed a childcare center and worked at the corporate offices of two national childcare companies. She is currently the Vice President of Education and Training for Crème de la Crème. Jody has authored Preschool Health and Safety Matters, and several courses for an online training company, written several articles for early childhood publications and was interviewed for a Turn Key Training Program developed by Exchange on preventing obesity and promoting wellness in early childhood settings. Recently she co-authored Rethinking the Classroom Landscape: Creating environments that connect young children, families, and communities. She is a dynamic presenter and recognized leader in the field of early childhood education with a commitment to providing quality programs for children.

Health and Safety Matters: Best Practices for Protecting and Supporting Young Learners

One of the most important things that early childhood educators do is protect and promote the health and safety of young children. This includes preventing harm to children from known safety risks as well as promoting children’s medical, nutrition, oral, and mental health. When you survey parents this is their number one expectation of your program. As program directors and teachers, you must be able to protect children from harm and promote the health and well-being of not only the children and other staff members, but also the families. Whether you implement regular site safety checks or make sure proper handwashing is taking place, you are taking simple steps that can produce major health gains for your program. Basic practices for children and adults are a critical component of quality child care and involve three essential components:  education, supervision, and environment. This session will provide ideas for you to educate not only children but their families on many health and safety related topics.

Bringing the Outside In:  Ideas for Creating Nature-Based Classroom Experiences for Young Children

It is important to understand that everything begins outside – one must journey outside in order to be able to bring nature inside. Connecting children with nature isn’t about reaching an ultimate and final destination. It isn’t about following rules, copying ideas, or being exact and finite. This session offers unique ideas for you to help young children experience the magic of the natural world. They will discover something about themselves as they explore, create, and reflect.  For those of you working with young children, this information will become a necessary tool for helping you to foster creativity and a deep appreciation of nature.