Debbie Clement
Vero Beach, Florida

For over twenty years, Debbie Clement has been sharing her love of the Arts with children across the country and around the world. She has written over 100 original songs for children and has created three traditional picture books based on her lyrics, acting as author and illustrator. Debbie has won numerous national awards for her work.

Student Voice-Student Choice: Alternative Seating & Maker Spaces

Come take a look at the new wave of alternative and flexible seating being explored in classrooms from coast-to-coast. Consider the many possibilities being used by your peers as they offer choices in both seating, maker spaces and authentic, open-ended art within the day. Just imagine what a difference this makes for differentiation and student excitement and curiosity!

The ARTS Put STEAM into Young Imaginations

Come join an upbeat presentation of songs selected for their emphasis on adding the STEAM (Arts) into a STEM approach to the early childhood classroom. We will sing. We will sign. We will dance our way into an inclusive celebration of possibilities, adding joy as we explore how the beat in music can weave wonder throughout the curriculum and day!