Splash 2021 Speaker:
Tym Smith

Session Title:

Getting Mentally Tough at Work and in Life

Grit and determination have been the secret to success this past year. Leaders must turn their struggles into opportunities in order to transfer belief to their staff. Open your heart and get ready to reflect-this session is all about you! This important session will help catapult you into the leader you were meant to be.

Understanding Cognitive Development

In order to reach children, it is important that early educators understand how the brain is wired and what makes those critical connections. From Peel a Boo to executive functions, this fun and energetic session will give teachers the knowledge needed to plan and support children throughout their cognitive journey!

Tym’s Bio:
Tym started working in ECE in 1986. He is a registered trainer in Texas and a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. Tym is past president of the Texas Licensed Child Care Association and currently on the board for the Association for Early Learning Leaders. He owns 5 EC programs in Texas.