Splash 2021

Splash Speaker:
Steve Spangler

Session Title (Onsite):
Humanizing the Square: How to Build Amazing Connections in Digital World

The move to digital learning during the pandemic produced one of the greatest disruptions in education in nearly a century. In a blink of an eye, educators were presented with challenges never before imagined. Steve Spangler, the guy who has been teaching engagement strategies for over 20 years, took on a new challenge… how to humanize the square… how to help the learner break free from the confines of the box on the screen. In this session, Steve Spangler shares some amazing discoveries that helped him teach, connect and engage at the highest level. Take home strategies you can put to use immediately as we learn to look at this new world of opportunities through the eyes of a scientist.

Session Title (Virtual):
Story Time STEM with Steve Spangler – Strategies for Connecting Amazing Science with Great Children’s Literature

This workshop is for early childhood educators who are looking to use popular pieces of children’s literature to help young learners strengthen their critical thinking skills and increase their sense of wonder, discovery and exploration. Story Time STEM gives you the teaching tools, ideas and strategies you’ll need to explore creative ways to teach STEM through the medium of children’s literature.

Steve’s Bio:
Steve is a best-selling author, STEM educator and business leader branded by TIME Magazine as one of their “most influential people of the year” because of his passion to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. With more than 1,500 television appearances and multiple Emmy awards to his credit, Steve is also a regular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she dubbed him America’s Science Teacher. Steve’s catalog of videos featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok have close to 1 billion views, and his books and online experiments are widely used by parents and educators to increase student engagement and inspire young scientists to learn more about STEM-based careers.