Splash 2021 Conference Speakers

Stedman Graham
CEO of S. Graham & Associates

Meet Stedman

Dr. Alma Flor Ada & Dr. F. Isabel Campoy
Authors, Scholars, Mentors

Meet Dr. Flor Ada & Dr. Campoy

Dr. Kenneth Wesson
Neuroscientist, University Professor

Meet Dr. Wesson

Valorie Burton
Best-Selling Author and Life Strategist

Meet Valorie

Lety Valero
Conscious Discipline® Master Instructor

Meet Lety

Dr. Melissa Williamson
Professional Development Consultant

Meet Dr. Williamson

Dr. Rebecca Palacios
Senior Curriculum Advisor – Age of Learning

Meet Dr. Palacios

Brandie Long
Professional Learning Consultant

Meet Brandie

Carolea Williams
Director of Product Development

Meet Carolea

Jody Martin
Professional Learning Content Manager

Meet Jody

Lisa Steinbauer
Professional Development Manager, Master Trainer

Meet Lisa

Mary Jo Huff
Puppet Master

Meet Mary Jo

Monica Cordoba
Professional Learning Bilingual Specialist

Meet Monica Cordoba

Stephen Fite
Musician, Entertainer

Meet Stephen

Sheryl Brown
Motivational Speaker, Author, Producer

Meet Sheryl

Shawn Brown
 Producer of Super Fun Show

Meet Shawn

Tym Smith
Owner – Early Care and Education Preschool

Meet Tym

Zulma Cifuentes-Pride
Early Childhood Bilingual Specialist 

Meet Zulma

Bari Koral
Children’s recording artist & international children’s yogi

Meet Bari

Dr. Cheri Isbicki
Special Needs Educational Consultant

Meet Cheri

Debbie Lee Keenan
Lecturer, author, & former director of the Eliot-Pearson Children’s School at Tufts University

Meet Debbie

Dianne Patterson
President, Kindergarten Teachers of Texas

Meet Dianne

Don Monopoli
Creator and Presenter of The Learning Station

Meet Don

Dr. Brian Mowry
Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum Author

Meet Dr. Mowry

Dr. Lorena Vidaurre
Early Childhood Course Developer

Meet Dr. Vidaurre

Dr. Pam Schiller
Author, Speaker, Curriculum Specialist

Meet Dr. Schiller

Louis Finney
President of the National Association for Family Childcare

Meet Louis