Splash 2021

Splash 2021 Speaker:
Lety Valero

Session Title:
Transforming Aggression, Disruption, and Challenges Into Hope, Resiliency and Achievement

Transforming behavior for permanent, positive change is possible even with children exhibiting the most challenging behaviors. Join this Conscious Discipline®session to learn how to teach children the skills needed for interacting with others, for regulating in difficult moments, overcoming obstacles, and in that, strengthening resiliency and reaching success for all.

Lety’s Bio:
Lety Valero has been an enthusiastic, innovative and committed educator for over twenty years. She has been a teacher, assistant principal, and director of a preschool at an international school in Mexico City. She is an international Conscious Discipline® Master Instructor. Her firm conviction in the Conscious Discipline® program has led Lety to live by its principles and to share it in different arenas. She is a regular presenter at National conferences such as NAEYC, ASCD, and Women in the Arts International Conference, among others. She also made several appearances on national television in Mexico and she is a regular guest at a radio station where she shares helpful Conscious Discipline® information for parents. Lety holds an M.S. in International Education from Endicott College.