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Frog Street’s 2014 – 2015 Early Childhood Learning Solutions Community Webinars

Dr. Jean’s Back to School Strategies for Success!

Start the year off right. Celebrate back-to-school with these creative ideas to help introduce students to the new year. Topics addressed include easing parent anxiety, welcoming children, and creating a caring atmosphere.

dr-jean-feldman cPresented by Dr. Jean Feldman, Teacher, Consultant and Celebrated Author of more than ten books on the topic of early childhood education. Dr. Jean’s educational recordings and creative activities are used in classrooms around the world.

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “Tons of ideas. Thank you Dr. Jean!” – Andrea R.
  • An “AWESOME Webinar loaded with great tips for back to school and throughout the year!”  – Christi G.
  • “There was so much great information to use in my classroom.” – Laverne S.

Watch Dr. Jean’s Back to School Webinar Here


Make Literacy Learning Fun with Storytelling and Puppetry!

Learn how to connect academic and social standards with storytelling in the classroom. Bring songs, stories, puppets, chants, and rhymes to your early childhood program to engage children in meaningful ways.

mary-jo-huff cPresented by Mary Jo Huff, Multi-award–winning Author, Master Storyteller and Puppeteer for the early childhood classroom

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “Awesome literacy learning workshop. I found it so interesting. It was 7 am in my time zone when I watched this and then went to work. I used a couple of Mary Jo’s ideas for storytelling today and hope to be able to purchase some of the puppets and peepers that she showed us.” – Faye W.

Watch the Storytelling Webinar Here


Ten Strategies to Boost Brain Power in the Early Years
Are you looking to optimize learning in your early childhood classroom? This webinar will provide easy-to-implement strategies and real-life examples for teachers and caregivers to help support the growth and development of young children.

dr-pam-schillerbPresented by Dr. Pam Schiller, Curriculum Specialist, Author and Speaker Hosted by Stephen Fite, an Award-winning Musician/Writer whose albums have received eighteen nationally recognized honors

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “It was a very encouraging and informative workshop!” – Michelle B.
  • “I teach kindergarten and preschool, and I attended this webinar at my home, and my husband watched as well, and even he said it was awesome.” – Lana V.
  • “BEST webinar on early children ever!” – Cyndy T.

Watch the Brain Power in the Early Years Webinar Here


Life Skills, Character Education and Bully Prevention Reinforce life skills and character development while demonstrating the importance of using good manners in this live performance of Travis and his best friend Pete. This webinar gives you a sneak peek at their yearlong innovative character development program. It is kid-friendly too!

Tip for watching this webinar: Click on the dark grey vertical bar and drag it to the right of the presenter’s video for a larger view of the speaker.

travis-presley cPresented by Travis Brorsen and his talented canine companion

Watch the Life Skills, Character Education and Bully Prevention Webinar Here


Using Hands-on Science to Build Amazing Literature Connections How do you get kids thinking more like a scientist? In this webinar Steve Spangler shares his creative ideas and classroom strategies for using children’s literature to teach hands-on science.

steve-spanglerbPresented by Steve Spangler, Early Childhood Science Specialist and Founder of

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “Thanks for a memorable learning experience that will travel far!!!!! So many new things to teach and explore”. – Pam P.
  • “Great ideas in connecting literature and science.” – Mary G.
  • “Just wonderful! I do a lot of hands-on science with my preschool class.” – Elizabeth G.

Watch the Hands-on Science Webinar Here


From Chaos to Calm: Help Children Learn How to Self-regulate, Pay Attention and Care for One Another Social and emotional well-being is an important part of early childhood education programs. This webinar will show you four essential skills every educator must possess to help find calmness within themselves, the children, and the classroom.

dr-becky-bailey cPresented by Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., Award-winning Author and Founder of Loving Guidance, Inc.

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “It is amazing how the brain works.  Without realizing it I was connecting to my daycare children.  This webinar helped me realize I am on the right track.” – BarbaraLee M.

Watch the From Chaos to Calm Webinar Here


Preparing Children for Success in School and Life Are you ready to learn techniques to help make a difference in the physical, social, and emotional aspects of young children’s lives? This presentation contains research-based strategies for in and out of the classroom.

marcia-tate cPresented by Marcia L. Tate, CEO of Developing Minds, Inc.

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “This was all very interesting!!!” – Simone M.
  • “I love the tips. I have a 4-year-old Granddaughter and we have twin girls coming in May. Excellent advice.” – Victoria W.

Watch the Preparing Children for Success in School and Life Webinar Here


Fine Motor Skills…Write Out of the Box! Learn about fun and easy activities that help young children strengthen fine motor skills in the classroom. The teaching rationale for fine motor development is discussed as well as identification of efficient and inefficient pencil grasps.

dr-marianne-gibbs cPresented by Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “That was so interesting and I can put into practice so many things to help young learners.” – Joanne O.
  • “This webinar got right to the things we CAN do to promote good grasps. Very helpful!” – Nora R.

Watch the Fine Motor Skills Webinar Here


1, 2, 3, 4, Foundations to Early Numeracy and More! Lay the foundation for strong number sense. This presentation will provide educators with materials and strategies for teaching math that are appropriate for PreK and kindergarten learners and the order of teaching concepts. Local and national standards will be discussed as well.

Brian Mowry - ePresented by Brian Mowry, M.A., Early Childhood Mathematics Consultant and Specialist

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “Very informative and easy to follow.” – Wendy C.
  • “Can’t wait to bring these ideas into the classroom.” – Sharon M.

Watch the Foundations to Early Numeracy Webinar Here


How Teachers Can Maximize Efforts On Pinterest Learn how to find and share high-quality resources with other educators. This session includes time-saving tips for searching for activities to use in your classroom, ideas for connecting with other educators, advice for setting up and organizing boards, and tools to help manage your efforts on Pinterest.

kim-vijbPresented by Kim Vij, Pinterest Consultant, Speaker and Co-founder of “The Educators’ Spin On It” blog

What do other early childhood education professionals say about this webinar?

  • “I learned a lot today.” – Carol B.
  • “I can’t wait to get started…tons of good info!” – Terri M.

Watch the How Teachers Can Maximize Efforts On Pinterest Webinar Here

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Making Monday Matter in the Early Learning Classroom! Read a Song and Sing a Book

debbie-clementPresented by Debbie Clement, Arts Enrichment Specialist, Author and Illustrator

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