Kindergarten Readiness

Kids’ Club • Club de niños includes everything you will need for Intervention support, end-of-year review, or a beginning of the year kindergarten unit.

This four-week thematic unit includes pretending, painting, packing for a special trip, making and playing games, blowing bubbles, and asking a lot of “why” questions. Packed full of fun and learning!

  • Focuses on key literacy and math skills needed for beginning kindergarten
  • Integrates science, social studies, physical development and more
  • Includes Conscious Discipline® strategies for social-emotional development
Program Overview

Kids’ Club • Club de niños teacher guide features a dual-language format—each day’s four-page lesson in English is immediately followed by the same four-page lesson in Spanish. Each Weekly Overview includes an easy-to-follow “snapshot” of program materials for the week, Wonderful Word of the Week, day-by-day preparations, a weekly project, and focuses for Character Education, Literacy, Letter Knowledge and Math.

A color-coded, five-day Lesson Planner at the beginning of each week makes planning simple, and an additional daily planner formatted in Excel is also provided for the unit. This interactive daily guide can be downloaded to a computer or tablet for customization, and includes Learning Goals for every lesson and learning center.

  • Week 1 – Things Kids Do • Cosas que hacen los niños – focuses on performing arts, with activities built around things children like to do with their friends, becoming a “puppeteer”, storytelling, and celebrating birthdays.
  • Week 2 – Games Kids Play • Juegos que juegan los niños – focuses on sportsmanship, with activities built around many different games from a variety of cultures: indoor games, outdoor games, card games, board games, and even electronic games. Children will explore the many different types of games that keep them entertained and learning simultaneously.
  • Week 3 – Places Kids Go • Lugares donde van los niños – focuses on exploring with activities built around some of children’s favorite places to learn and play: playgrounds, amusement parks, the circus, the zoo and the beach!
  • Week 4 – Investigations • Investigaciones – focuses on investigating the many things in which children wonder—where dandelion seeds go when you blow them away, how a worm travels so quickly without legs, how a bubble holds it shape, how plants get a drink, and so much more. This week children will investigate their scientific questions and begin to unfold the mysteries.

In addition to Weekly Learning Centers for Language and Literacy, Writing, Science, Construction, Math, Technology, Sensory, Gross and Fine Motor, Physical Development, and Dramatic and Outdoor Play, each day includes a Greeting Circle time, Morning Message, Music, Read-Aloud time, Transitions, Practice, Content Connections and ideas for Closing Circle. Conscious Discipline’s social-emotional practices are integrated into the daily Greeting Circle.

Kids’ Club • Club de niños comes in a sturdy, plastic bin and includes all of the resources needed to implement this fun theme including Big and Small Books, a Developmental Storybook, Story Folders, Rebus Posters, Vocabulary Cards, Fanny Puppet, manipulatives, a Listening CD and a Pattern CD.