DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary is a targeted, stand-alone supplemental program that focuses on helping Pre-K teachers bring words to life in the classroom, no matter what curriculum is in place.

With a carefully structured balance of intentional oral language, robust vocabulary, and playful activities, DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary helps teachers easily incorporate critical oral language instruction into their everyday routine.

DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary is designed with:
  Simple 20-minute lessons.
  Intentional opportunities for meaningful talk.
  Higher-order, thought-provoking questions about real-world concepts.
  Daily exposure to rich vocabulary.
  Age-appropriate rhymes, songs, and activities that promote active learning.
  Simple, yet powerful ways to get families involved.

How It Works

Through the power of play, DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary draws children in and motivates them to use new words, but lessons don’t stop there. This complete classroom kit keeps the momentum going with multiple activities each day that lead little learners toward kinder-readiness.

Lessons fit manageably into any existing curriculum with two 10-minute lessons each day, which can be taught together or separately.

Theme Talk

Each day, children build and practice oral language skills through relatable, theme-based conversations that are sparked by weekly focus questions and supported by engaging, hands-on materials such as Theme Anchor Charts and Action Rhymes.

Wow Word of the Day

Children’s oral language skills are expanded by learning one new robust vocabulary word every day. Instruction for each of DIG’s 160 Wow Words is supported by large-format photo cards, Wowband bracelets, and lots of opportunities to use the word in context.

Key Features