DIG Math

DIG Math is a targeted, stand-alone supplemental program that fosters foundational math concepts through hands-on activities, engaging materials, and plenty of movement and play.

With essential, skills-based instruction and predictable cycles of practice and review, DIG Math guides children to deeper thinking and a love for the hows and whys of mathematics. 

DIG Math is designed with:
  Daily math practice in whole-group circle times and small groups.
  Fresh and fun learning centers that support instruction independently each week.
  Spiraling instruction and review sequences.
  Active learning approaches for active bodies.
  Engaging materials and manipulatives.

How It Works

Through repeated exposure to important skills, predictable review routines, and active learning, DIG Math prepares Pre-K students for kindergarten with a carefully constructed sequence of math skills that fits manageably into any existing curriculum.

Daily Math Circle
Dig Math’s daily, whole-group Math Circle kicks off discussion and practice of each concept with hands-on materials, nonfiction big books, math songs and rhymes, and interactive practice with peers. Special review days lock in learning with repeated practice.

Learning Centers
Center time gives children a chance to practice newly learned skills on their own. Dig Math provides fresh math center ideas each week for ongoing exploration—all year long!

Theme Anchor Charts
Daily small-group lessons model skills up close first, then give children a chance at scaffolded practice. Instruction reinforces varying learning styles and provides opportunities for targeted instruction and guided practice. Suggestions for differentiation are provided with each lesson.

Teacher’s Guide
Math songs and fingerplays are a fun, active way to reinforce and practice foundational skill math concepts. That’s why DIG Math incorporates songs and fingerplays by Dr. Jean every day.

Key Features