Expanding Vocabulary

Essential Strategies for K-1 Vocabulary Development
This program highlights 20 essential teaching strategies that support two major literacy goals: improve comprehension and develop a rich, robust vocabulary.  Children will learn how to explore word relationships and nuances in word meanings, determine meanings of unknown words, and more.

The research-based vocabulary strategies are practiced in this instruction and include:

    • Turn to Your Neighbor
    • Example – Non-example
    • Shades of Meaning Continuum
    • Parenthetical Phrases
    Product Overview

    Expanding Vocabulary includes:


    • Instruction Guide
    • Set of 8 Photo Pockets
    • Table Top Pocket Chart
    • Teaching Strategy Cards (Vocabulary, Photo Activity Cards, Photo Pockets, Wordless Story Books, Read Aloud Time)
    • Pocket Photos
    • Pocket Words
    • Developmental Storybooks (The Three Little Pigs • Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, The Enormous Turnip • Little Red Hen)
    • Wordless Storybooks (The Button Story, Animal Friends)
    • Vocabulary Cards
    • Photo Activity Cards
    • Compound Word Card
    • Sequence Card Sets
    • Pattern CD-ROM


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