Our History

In 1990, five Kindergarten teachers embarked on a journey to build a business based on materials they created for their own classrooms that helped their students thrive. They began by selling supplemental materials that taught the alphabet using music. Those songs were the first generation of the Sing & Read program. Sing & Read has now expanded to over 500 products which are widely used in schools across the country providing a foundation for emergent language and literacy.

Providing tools for teachers to succeed and for children to Embrace the Joy of learning has always been the mission of FrogStreet. With that, in 1992 those same five teachers launched their first ever SPLASH Conference. The SPLASH Conference was designed to provide teachers an opportunity to learn and grow in their teaching, to share best practices with one another and motivation to go into the next school year with the tools they need to improve the lives of the children they teach. The SPLASH Conference has been going strong for 23 years.

In 2006, Ron Chase joined the company as CEO and continues to lead FrogStreet into the future with the same desire to impact the next generation by providing educators with high quality materials and excellence in service.

In 2010, Frog Street Press completed the largest product development project in its history, publishing a comprehensive bilingual program entitled “Frog Street Pre-K”. The senior author team of Frog Street Pre-K includes Pam Schiller, PhD, Alma Flor Ada, PhD, F. Isabel Campoy, PhD and Brian Mowry and includes contributions from many other early childhood experts.

In 2013, the company began the development of Frog Street Toddler, designed around the latest early brain research and includes 52 weeks of easy-to-use activities created specifically for little ones 18-36 months.

In 2015, FrogStreet launched its latest curriculum offering in Frog Street Infant. This program focuses on little ones 0-18 months, equipping caregivers to foster essential growth and build a strong learning foundation. Frog Street infant includes 264 activity cards based on four developmental domains: physical, cognitive, language and social emotional development.

FrogStreet continues to develop and expand curricula for early childhood minds taking great pride in creating best in class, research based programs that will allow children to truly Embrace the Joy of learning.

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1989 – Frog Street Founded (originally known as Leap Frog)

1989 – 1990 – Started with 100 black and white books which were literally bound at home by the teachers (founders). First 100 books sold out on the first day of printing.

1990 – 91 – Founders still teaching and building business on the side. They would share books at school.

1992 – Put on first conference/workshop experience by Leap Frog. 112 educators from around DFW attended.

1994 – 2000 – Hired a whole press department, growing from 4 to 30 employees in just 6 years.

1994 – Purchased four color printing press and left the classroom to run the business full time (4 people involved at that time).

1994 – 1995 – First audio singing supplement was created. First recording was the founders voices.

1996 – Created large presence in the retail world. Began distributing nationally. Also began creating teacher resource books.

1997 – Changed company name to Frog Street Press and published first teacher resource book.

1998 – Purchased another company in Minnesota – Teacher Touch – a decorative company that would allow Frog Street to help create decorative supplements like the posters, borders around bulletin boards – all educational related.

2006 – Ron Chase purchases controlling interest and becomes CEO.

2007 – Spanish “Sing & Read” was completed.

2008 – Introduced software into program

2009 – 2011 – Began to develop state adopted Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. Now available.

2009 – Developed bi-lingual programs/packages

2010 – Moved office out of Crandall, Texas to Grapevine, Texas.

2011 – Won 47% market share in the Texas Pre-K adoption.

2013 – Decorative and Retail lines sold. Introduced application for iPad.

2014 – Launched Toddler-specific program. Also joined forces with Adventures with Travis and Presley. Launched new logo.