The Countdown Begins!

We are just 24 days away from our first of THREE SPLASH EVENTS in Texas! We will start out at a new location for us, the new Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, move on to Houston, and end the fun with three days in San Antonio. You cannot imagine what has to take place to pull off three huge events in less than a month! All the hard work will be worth it, and it makes for THREE times the learning, THREE times the anticipation, and THREE times the fun!

One area where the Frog Street crew can relax once the events have begun is SESSION TIME! Although a ton of thought and planning goes into selecting and organizing the sessions in which participants will attend, once we are there, we take a deep breath and know that the “good stuff” is being handled by the best of the best in early childhood education.

Glancing through the list of this year’s session choices, I am impressed with a mixture of the practical, the cutting-edge, the innovative and the inspiring. Everything from ideas for SmartBoards, to tips for blogging, behavior management and bullying, parent involvement, penny-pinching, intervention, creative centers, classroom management, science, writing, music, special needs, brain research, multiple intelligences, literacy, gardening, and “saving your sanity” are among the choices! There is even a session where we will look back at the past 20 years of Frog Street, remembering the classroom ideas that worked best and have been proven over time, in addition to some new ideas. Just looking at the list makes me wish I could attend each one of them! We hope that YOU will be attending, at least, SOME of them, and sharing your SPLASH session experiences with us and our readers!

Save me a seat next to you!

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  1. Cynthia Boren says:

    I am ready! I think this is my fourth, maybe my fifth time at Frog Street, I just love it. I leave each time with so much energy and ideas for the following school year!!!!

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