Science Investigations (English only)

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Science Investigations (English only) (FSPK0004465)

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Frog Street Science Investigations explores key concepts and processes.

A teacher-friendly instruction guide engages students in conversations about important science concepts, as well as acquiring and using key scientific vocabulary through whole-class lessons, small group instruction, and independent/partner workstations.

Students participate in writing activities, using their newly acquired robust vocabulary to demonstrate their understandings of key science content in life science; earth and space; force, motion, and energy; and scientific investigation and reasoning.

• Teacher-friendly instruction includes whole class, small group, and workstations.
• Scientific vocabulary broadens understanding of concepts and skills.
• Engaging writing activities guide students to share their newly acquired knowledge.
• Science-focused components engage students in explorations and investigations.
• Distinct learning objectives for each lesson allow for informal assessment of student’s progress.
• Hands-on science experiences keep students asking for more!


Literature and Informational Text
English Big Book Titles
• Our Senses
• Nature’s Giants
• Giants Made By People
• Food Around The World
• Machines Large & Small
• Our Muscles
• Can You Move With Me?
• Mysterious Movers
• Farm Animals
• Welcome To Zippity Zoo
• The Song of The Teeny Tiny Mosquito
• A Chance For Esperanza
• Animal Lives
• Edie’s Backyard Bugs
• Critter Hide-And-Seek
• Little Red
Bilingual Big Book Titles
• How Do Animals Use Their Mouth
• ¿Cómo usan la boca los animales?
• How Do Animals Use Their Eyes?
• ¿Cómo usan los ojos los animales?
• How Do Animals Use Their Ears?
• ¿Cómo usan los oídos los animales?
Picture Vocabulary Cards
Photo Activity Cards
Pattern CD ROM
Sequence Cards
Instruction Guide