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  1. Bilingual Small Book Collection (140 books - 2 each)

    Bilingual Small Book Collection (140 books - 2 each)



    These book collections feature an amazing variety of genres, colorful photos, and a wide range of illustration styles. Children will enjoy rereading their favorites again and again. English literature titles are also adapted to Spanish with the same careful attention to concepts and language patterns in Spanish. Includes Listening CDs English Small Books This Way to Pre-K Body Talk in Rhyme Our Senses Skidamarink Meet My Grandparents Homes for Everyone Sara Sidney's Runaway Adventure Neighborhood Helpers Five Huge Dinosaurs Nature's Giants Giants Made by People Once Upon a Time in Dragon Land The Gift Food Around the World A to Z Ps and Qs Charlie Chipmunk's Thoughtful Choices Little Red The Frog Prince The Rooster Who Went to His Uncle's Wedding Can You See the Shapes? Machines Large and Small The Do-Nothing Machine Dance! Our Muscles Can You Move With Me? Gram Is Coming to My House Mysterious Movers Farm Animals Welcome to Zippity Zoo The Song of the Teeny Tiny Mosquito In the Cow's Backyard Cristina and the Frog Twinkle, the Little Star A Chance for Esperanza Before and Now Spanish Small Books Camino a Pre-Kinder El cuerpo habla en rimas Los sentidos Es amor Conocer a los abuelos Casas de todas clases Sara, la iguana que se escapó Ayudantes del vecindario Cinco enormes dinosaurios Gigantes de la naturaleza Gigantes hechos por el hombre Había una vez en Dragolandia El regalo Comidas de todo el mundo Buenos modales de la A a la Z Las decisiones consideradas de Carlitos Gorrita Roja El príncipe sapo El gallo que fue a la boda de su tío ¿Ves las figuras? Máquinas grandes y pequeñas La máquina de no hacer nada ¡A bailar! Los músculos ¿Ven y muévete así? Abuelita se viene a mi casa Fuerzas misteriosas Animales de la granja Bienvenidos al zoológico de Zippity El canto del mosquito La hamaca de la vaca Cristina y la rana Chispita, la estrellita Una oportunidad para Esperanza Antes y ahora Learn More


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