Dr. Ray Reutzel
Laramie, WY

Dr. Ray Reutzel is the Dean of the College of Education at the University of Wyoming. He is the author of more than 230 published research articles and books. He has received more than $17 million in research grant funding. Dr. Reutzel serves as President of the international Reading Hall of Fame 2017-2019.

EARLY LITERACY RESEARCH: Findings Teachers Need to Know 

Early literacy development is among the most fleeting yet important phases of literacy development. All teachers intuitively know that if young children get off to a good start, they will rarely stumble along the path of academic progression. If they do not, these young learners often struggle throughout their school careers (Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998).

Foundations of Reading (Pre-conference)
A Professional Learning Institute (PLI) describing the latest research on foundational reading skills instruction for young children, with strategies to support teaching in the classroom.

Research has clearly shown that young students’ early reading success is highly
dependent on knowledgeable primary grade teachers who understand and
teach reading foundational skills (Cooper & Costa, 2012; Strickland, et al., 2002;
Ushomirsky, 2011). Although these skills are very different from reading comprehension, they are nevertheless necessary to it. We also recognize that teaching reading foundations won’t necessarily result in reading comprehension. However, if a child can’t fluently identify words, the chances of reading and understanding sentences, paragraphs, or whole texts for comprehension are practically zero. Conversely, just because a child can identify words fluently doesn’t inevitably result in
comprehension of sentences, paragraphs, or whole texts. Reading comprehension must be taught in combination or integrated with the teaching of reading foundational skills.