Mike Longoria, Dr. Mike!
Wimberley, Texas

Mike Longoria, a.k.a. Dr. Mike!, has a Ph.D. in early childhood education and has 25 years of early childhood experience in the capacity as a pre-k, kindergarten, and special education teacher, Head Start administrator, university professor, independent consultant, curriculum developer, and recording artist. Dr. Mike has keynoted state and national early childhood conferences and has also conducted professional development for childcare providers, Head Start, pre-k and kindergarten teachers across the country. Dr. Mike’s passion, knowledge, and innovative approach to early childhood education makes learning what it should be—fun and exciting—but most importantly, it meets the needs of ALL children.

Sing and Sign / Cantar y hacer Señas

Singing songs while integrating (ASL) signing are perfect tools that bridge languages in a meaningful approach to develop dual language learners. Songs have an emotional value that makes learning joyful. Signing is a form of movement that promotes focus and concentration. Together, singing and signing are the perfect companions to develop dual language in a fun and exciting approach. Furthermore, research states that integrating signing develop higher IQ’s in children.

Music, Movement and Learning: Bringing Joy to Education!

Music and movement provide students with powerful experiences that increase their memory and accelerate learning while developing various school readiness and academic skills while improving their social skills (Johnson & Edelsen, 2003 p.1). Music and movement also plays an important role in student’s learning, as it influences brains in a positive way, keeps students alert and ready to learn and keeps students actively engaged. “When we keep students active, we keep their energy levels up and provide their brains with the oxygen-rich blood needed for highest performance” (Jensen, 2005 p.66). Most importantly, music and movement meet the needs of ALL children!

Make & Take with Dr. Mike Longoria: Read, Sing & Act

Let’s all sing, move and create fun and exciting resources that will engage your children in meaningful learning while developing literacy skills.  Participants will leave Dr. Mike’s session with materials ready for use in the classroom and a renewed excitement for the coming school year!