Dr. Marcia L. Tate, CEO
Developing Minds, Inc.

Marcia L. Tate, Ed. D. is the former Exec. Dir. of PD for the DeKalb County Schools, Decatur, GA.  During her 30-year career with the district, she has been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, language arts coordinator, & staff development director. She is currently an educational consultant and has taught over 500,000 administrators, teachers, parents, business & community leaders throughout the world and has authored 8 being best-sellers, and her latest book, Formative Assessment in a Brain-compatible Classroom:  How Do We Know They’re Really Learning.

Keynote: Preparing Children for Success in Life

Did you know that if nothing changes, this generation of children may be the first in 200 years whose life expectancy will be shorter than that of their parents?  This engaging keynote will explore the reasons why. It will also acquaint participants with techniques for raising or teaching children who are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy. Based on what we know about the brain, learn how to build relationships, help children become physically fit, and create calming environments which foster emotional well-being.  This keynote promises to be eye-opening and extremely informative!

Preparing Children for Success in School – (Breakout)

The most rapid period of growth for brain cells is zero to four years of age. That would make parents and preschool educators children’s best and first teachers. In this action-packed, fun-filled session, experience 20 instructional strategies such as metaphor, movement, and music that should be used with all children since these take advantage of the way every brain learns best.