Don Monopoli
Melbourne, Florida

YouTube star, lead performer, songwriter and presenter for children’s music company, The Learning Station, he’s personally published over 400 children’s songs, and has produced and recorded children’s music releases for numerous international publishing companies. He’s presented for over 500 motivational keynote, features, workshop presentations, and thousands of concerts for millions of children and teachers in North America and beyond.

Brain Breaks

Get up and move! Brain breaks will spice-up your planning and add zing to your entire program. Everyone will gain an understanding of how movement activities can support optimal brain development and integration. Children naturally love music and movement so why not offer interactive music that is designed to boost learning, improve attention span, disengage the stress response and enhance impulse control. Refresh and regenerate energy levels! Even greater, these diverse exercises will help develop the beginning foundation necessary for children to comprehend reading, science, and math skills.

Music and Movement

Jazz and spice-up your entire educational world with refreshing, new music and movement approaches including; creative songs, activities, circle and thinking games that can be modified to meet the individual needs of children’s developmental levels and learning styles. Everyone will experience how teaching and learning through music and movement offers a whole new exciting dimension in education. Notably, the implementation of songs that optimize the comprehension of primary concepts and skills that include, creative thinking, left/right discrimination, opposites, body identification, counting, language, rhyming, phonemics and literacy awareness.