Click on the Session Titles to download the handouts provided by the presenters for Splash 2018. Please note that some speakers will provide a link during their presentation to access the handouts.

Andrea Alexander
Sensational Science – Straight from Your Kitchen

Mary Amoson
Integrating Science and Social Studies with Ease

Daisy Armendariz, Sandy Rivas & Debbie Gutierrez
Creating a Picture-Perfect Classroom

Kathy Bayless & Cathie Johnson
Building Language for School Readiness

Jack Berckemeyer
Managing the Madness

Alba Burnell
Teaching with a Passion

Damon Carson
Conscious Leadership through my Head Start Journey

Peter Chan
“Don’t Stop Believing” That Writing Can Be Fun

Sandy Chilton
STEMtales: Integrating STEM and Literature with Young Children

Debbie Clement
The ARTS Put STEAM into Young Imaginations
Student Voice-Student Choice: Alternative Seating & Maker Spaces

Cathy Doggett
Off to a Great Start: Math Station Fun!

Susan Drewelow
Experiences, Not Experiments

Dr. Patricia Edwards
In the Beginning: Building the Foundations for Literacy Learning
Whose Child is this? Handout

Louis Finney
Dad Lives Matter! with Neville Clark

John Funk
Embracing the ‘E’ in STEM/STEAM!
Classroom Management Should be Easier than Herding Cats

Dr. Marianne Gibbs
Fine Motor Skills…Write Out of the Box!

Jim Gill
Inspiring Music Play!
Music Play for ALL Young Children!

Mary Jo Huff
Puppet Play:  Easy to Make and Easy to Use
Book Mania

Bonnie Hunter
Morning Tubs in the Classroom

Bari Koral
Yogapalooza with Bari Koral: Yoga & Mindfulness

Sharron Krull
Get Your Motor Running! Fun Physical Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Angie Landry & Heather Williams
Sensory Bins: Thinking Outside the Sandbox
I Will Survive

Vanessa Levin
Tranquil Transitions
Hooray for Dramatic Play!

Palma Lindsay
From Re-telling Stories to Successful Writing, Instantly!

Gilen Meibaum-Norwood
Live Outside

Don Monopoli
Brain Breaks
Music and Movement

Dr. Brian Mowry
The ABCs of Early Childhood Assessment
Promoting Children’s Mathematical Inquiry through Play

Dr. Rebecca Palacios
Family Engagement Strategies
Academic Readiness for the Dual Language Learner

Brocklin Qualls
Receiving. Believing. Achieving Outcomes for Special Needs Families
Building and Believing in Inclusion Model Classrooms

Crystal Radke
Supporting Children with Special Needs  

Dr. Ray Reutzel
EARLY LITERACY RESEARCH: Findings Teachers Need to Know Part 1, Part 2
Foundations of Reading

Lynne Rhodes
Mega Math-O-Rama & More!                              

Cherly Rockhold
Movement Friendly Classrooms

Angela Russ Ayon
It’s NEVER math time! It’s ALWAYS math time!

Dr. Pam Schiller
Nurturing Critical and Creative Thinking

Sheryl Brown
A Positive Track Record – “Can Your Little Citizens Depend on You for Emotional Stability?”

Dr. Michael Shoulders
Male Call – Bringing Boys to Books
Positive Discipline – Don’t Stop Believing

Dr. Debbie Silver & Jack Berckemeyer
Deliberate Optimism: Don’t Stop Believin’

Dr. Debbie Silver
Hold On To That Feelin’ – Keep Moving Forward 

Greg Smedley-Warren
Centers Made Easy
A Compilation of Classroom Management Ideas & Tips

Tymothy Smith
Connecting with your Passion and Purpose        

Maria Nevarez-Solis
Workstations to Enhance Spanish Literacy

Amy Speidel
Want Cooperative Children? Change Perspectives.
The Slow and Steady Road to Resiliency

Dan St. Romain
Literature, Language and Life-Skills: Oh My!
Systems Failure: Avoiding the One-Size-Fits-All-Approach to Behavior Management
I Can Make Good Choices – Session Back By Popular Demand!

Sue Testaguzza
LifeCubby Manages Your Program, Documentation and Communications

Stephanie Wells & Gina Nichols
Squish, Squeak & Squeal!

Dr. Kenneth Wesson
Developing 21st Century Learners

Dottie Zimmerman
Autism 101