Frog Street’s new webinar trainings help ensure that teachers are following the curriculum with fidelity, as well as being refreshed on best practices. These custom trainings offer teachers the chance to gain a deeper understanding of Frog Street curriculum and to increase the effectiveness of implementation in the classroom. Learn directly from our experts and share your experiences in an interactive format that can be arranged to fit your busy schedule!

Frog Street Webinar Trainings offer:

» An affordable and effective approach to learning
» Live, interactive conversation with qualified Frog Street consultants
» Q&A on instructional strategies and components of the curriculum
» Pre-webinar questionnaire to identify challenges and share successes
» Flexible scheduling to work around your school day
» Bilingual content and consultants
» Best practices used with Frog Street curriculum

Current Courses

Current Webinars Available:

  • Frog Street Pre-K Follow-up Training
  • Toddler Follow-up Training
  • Infant Follow-up Training

Webinars Coming Soon:

  • Threes Follow-up Training
  • Toddler Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Other FSPK curriculum courses:
    • From Greeting Circle to Closing Circle – Social Emotional Development
    • Frog Street Pre-K Online Assessment (1-hour webinar)
  • General Pre-K courses not specific to Frog Street curriculum:
    • Building Early Literacy Skills
    • Family Engagement
    • STEAM
What to Expect

When you sign up for a follow-up webinar:

The Frog Street Professional Learning Team will send out a questionnaire prior to the webinar so that Frog Street can customize the webinar to meet the specific needs of your teachers. In addition, for all curriculum-based training, participants will be asked to have specific teacher guides and welcome books with them to use as a reference. Access to a full curriculum during the webinar is preferred so teachers can refer to components as they are mentioned.

Technology Requirements

A computer with a microphone, speakers and internet access are the only requirements to participate in a Frog Street webinar. Ideally, webinars are more effective if all participants are in the same room with one computer that is connected to a larger screen for all to view. This is more effective for group collaboration and exchange of ideas.


Webinar Introductory Pricing:

  • $750 for a two-hour live webinar facilitated by a Frog Street expert
  • $500 for a one-hour live webinar

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