Frog Street Press Partners with Life Cubby

Frog Street Partners with Life Cubby to bring early childhood educators a new technique for documenting progress, recording daily activities, and connecting with families using the latest technologies.

Frog Street Press and life Cubby

Life Cubby Maximizes Parent-Teacher Interactions

Parents want a safe learning environment for their children, a high-quality curriculum, and caring teachers who foster positive relationships.  They also want to receive timely communication about their child’s academic progress and personal updates. A few pictures that capture the joys of learning are always welcome too!  A good school will maximize parent-teacher interactions and provide ongoing and timely communication regarding children’s progress.

Traditionally, these notifications have come home in the form of school calendars, paper checklists, weekly newsletters, and assessment results.  A portfolio of student work may also be shown during conference time and sent home at the end of the year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all this information in one place, and also available to all parents and family members throughout the day?

Connecting Schools and Families with Technology

As technology changes, schools must maintain an open dialog about the most effective means to enhance parent-school communication. Frog Street Press and Life Cubby are partnering together to help early childhood educators meet the communication needs of parents and teachers.  Not only will this partnership help families and schools connect with the most recent technologies, it will also mainstream all the information parents need and want into one area, reduce paperwork, and simplify classroom management.

“Leveraging the digital world to simplify the lives of parents and teachers”

LIfe Cubby Communication Technology in use in the Early Childhood Classroom.

Life Cubby: A New Way to Document and Connect

Life Cubby is a private, secure channel that allows schools and parents to effectively connect and share updates on each student’s progress. It is an award-winning, highly organized online portfolio. This simple and convenient tool allows users to electronically document the following:

  • Daily sheets
  • Program and classroom portfolios
  • Photos and videos
  • Newsletters
  • Assessments
  • School calendars
  • Reports

Parents and teachers can easily access Life Cubby portfolios from a user-friendly website or an app on their mobile devices. Here is a Life Cubby parent view of an activity in a toddler classroom. It shows parents what the activity was, the academic areas addressed, and the date the activity took place.

Toddler Curriculum Cubby Me Notification

Life Cubby Benefits for Educators

Life Cubby is a unique and beneficial resource for early childhood educators too. This digital tool

  • Saves time.
  • Reduces the number of papers created and sent home.
  • Works on your computer and all mobile devices.
  • Directly communicates with families in real-time.
  • Includes comprehensive daily forms.
  • Connects with Frog Street Curriculum.

Here is a teacher view of Life Cubby.

Teacher View of Curriculum Cubby Me Notification

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