Expanding Vocabulary

Essential Strategies for K-1 Vocabulary Development

This package provides teachers with resources, strategies and approaches to address vocabulary more fully in their classrooms. Once these strategies are practiced through the instruction in this guide, teachers can apply these approaches in their instruction throughout the day.

20 research-based vocabulary strategies are practiced in this instruction and include:

  • Turn to Your Neighbor
  • Example – Non-example
  • Shades of Meaning Continuum
  • Parenthetical Phrases
Product Overview

Expanding Vocabulary includes:


  • Instruction Guide
  • Set of 8 Photo Pockets
  • Table Top Pocket Chart
  • Teaching Strategy Cards (Vocabulary, Photo Activity Cards, Photo Pockets, Wordless Story Books, Read Aloud Time)
  • Pocket Photos
  • Pocket Words
  • Developmental Storybooks (The Three Little Pigs • Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, The Enormous Turnip • Little Red Hen)
  • Wordless Storybooks (The Button Story, Animal Friends)
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Photo Activity Cards
  • Compound Word Card
  • Sequence Card Sets
  • Pattern CD-ROM


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