Cultural Stories, Poems and Songs

Filled with the great stories, poems, and music of Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, this authentic literature collection in English and Spanish provides teachers with excellent instruction in phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonics, and syllable work through cultural songs, rhymes, and chants.

Enhancing Writing in K-1

Frog Street provides excellent resources and instruction to support the development of writing. Intervention resources engage students in learning the names and sounds of letters and then practice in forming those letters efficiently to support fluency in writing.

Expanding Vocabulary

Essential Strategies for Vocabulary Development Package provides teachers with resources, strategies and approaches to address vocabulary more fully in their classrooms. Once these strategies are practiced through the instruction in this guide, teachers can apply these approaches in their instruction throughout the day.

Games & Patterns

So many amazing games and patterns and so little time to spend with your school’s printer! Now you can purchase full-color, professionally printed pages on heavy-duty white cardstock containing all of the incredible games and pattens found in your Frog Street Pre-K curriculum. From story mats to number lines to rhyming cards – this collection will be a valuable addition to your daily curriculum instruction!

Life Cubby

LifeCubby’s award-winning “digital backpack” tool is perfect for documenting each child’s daily classroom experience and using that information for better parent communication, classroom management, assessment and more.