Frog Street Launches Nation’s First 52-week Comprehensive Toddler Program

Program based on neuroscience research to support the most critical developmental window in early childhood education – when 85 percent of brain wiring occurs


GRAPEVINE, TX – Frog Street, a leading provider of educational tools designed to enlighten and enrich the minds of toddlers, pre-K students and kindergartners, today launched Frog Street Toddler, a groundbreaking toddler-specific program that offers 52 weeks of comprehensive activities and instruction centered around three major cornerstones — brain research, intentional instruction and Conscious Discipline®.

The first full-year toddler program of its kind to hit the market, written by acclaimed curriculum expert Dr. Pam Schiller PhD, Frog Street Toddler is designed to nurture the four key developmental domains: language; cognitive; social/emotional; and physical. The program is uniquely built to nurture brain development in toddlers by integrating thematic, intentional activities in all of these domains.

Schiller, who has been involved in extensive neuroscience research regarding early childhood education since the 1980s, said, “Eighty-five percent of brain wiring foundation occurs by age three, and this wiring is forged in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language. Frog Street Toddler is incredibly unique because it provides a collection of domain specific activities that enables caregivers to intentionally support and optimize the early brain development of toddlers.”

In addition to the new toddler program, Schiller has worked with Frog Street to develop curriculum including Frog Street Pre-K, a highly regarded and widely used pre-kindergarten curriculum. Both Frog Street Pre-K and Frog Street Toddler programs incorporate Conscious Discipline®, a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional program that creates a learning environment where children feel safe and loved. Conscious Discipline® was developed by Dr. Becky Bailey PhD, an award-winning author, renowned teacher and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology.

“Consistency across education programs is key,” said Schiller. “The Frog Street Toddler program is meant to work in conjunction with the Frog Street Pre-K curriculum, utilizing the Conscious Discipline® approach. This approach is ideal for early childhood education because it enriches social and emotional development/intelligence. If children are going to be able to move forward in other areas of development they have to have the proper skills to handle themselves socially (interacting with others) and emotionally (self-control).”

Frog Street Toddler, which is also available in Spanish, includes 13 thematic guides offering 52 weeks of easy-to-use activities created specifically for little ones 18-36 months old. Each theme includes four weeks of activity explorations. Each week begins with a thematic overview. For example:

Theme 1: All About Me

Week 1: My Face
Week 2: My Senses
Week 3: Arms, Hands & Fingers
Week 4: Legs, Feet & Toes

A 64-page program guide is included to walk the caregiver through each element of the program. The guide offers a list of program components, an overall tour of the program, information on each of the cornerstones, teaching strategies, assessment guidelines and professional development tips.

“It has only been within the past few years that certain states, including Texas, have begun focusing on early learning standards for infants and toddlers,” said Schiller. “Frog Street is really ahead of the curve in terms of understanding the components necessary to properly foster the learning process for this age group.”

The Frog Street Toddler program includes 13 thematic activity guides, a literature library, manipulatives, posters, photo activity cards, a music collection, a puppet and much more.

Why Conscious Discipline®?

This award winning, integrated learning approach, developed by Dr. Bailey, combines social and emotional learning with discipline and guidance. Research shows that toddlers will never reach their full potential cognitively unless they are socially skilled and emotionally stable. In a recent study conducted, results proved that the method of Conscious Discipline® resulted in the following:

  •     Improved the social and emotional skills of students
  •     Improved the social and emotional skills of teachers
  •     Increased student academic readiness
  •     Increased student academic achievement
  •     Improved the quality of student-teacher interactions
  •     Decreased aggression in preschool children
  •     Decreased impulsivity and hyperactivity in “difficult” students

About Frog Street

Frog Street is a privately held company based in Grapevine, Texas that provides educational curriculum for the early childhood market. Since 1990, Frog Street Press has been on a mission to positively impact the future of young children through igniting their academic, social and emotional growth. Frog Street Press curriculum is the cornerstone of the education for approximately 150,000 children across the United States. For more information, visit the company website at